Hackney Carriage Unmet Demand Surveys - Example surveys and Consultation


Welcome to our page which presents example online survey content for Taxi or Hackney Carriage Unmet Demand Surveys.  In order to maximise efficiency, we make best use of online survey technology to maximise value for money.


The example surveys have previously been used in actual Unmet Demand Surveys.


Please feel free to try out the surveys.  These give a flavour of the scope of consultation which is available.  Some of the surveys are response dependant, for subsequent questions and responses.  For example, in the driver’s survey, Private Hire Drivers are not asked about their experience at taxi ranks.


The example surveys may be accessed via the links below:


Taxi Drivers’ Survey

Public Attitude Survey

Stakeholder Consultation  


For further information on what services Vector Transport Consultancy can offer to licensing authorities, Taxi associations and Taxi operators, please contact us on taxi-projects@vector-consultancy.co.uk  or contact us via our contact page.